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Best Roofing of Virginia - Chesapeake, VA

Residential and Commercial Roofing near Chesapeake, Virginia

Our residential roofing business is based in Virginia Beach, Virginia, but our mobile crews routinely travel to the towns and cities in the nearby area, including the city of Chesapeake, 23 miles away.

Most of our work is with homeowners and we do re-roofing contracts on foreclosed properties. A number of property management companies also use us for apartments with 25 or more units and that is an area we are focusing on developing.

If any home owner in Chesapeake finds that the roof has developed a leak, or is needing a repair for whatever reason, then they should call us as the only certified master elite roofing contractor in south-east Virginia.

Our skilled contract teams will come to your property, assess the work that needs to be done, provide an estimate, and ask the customer to choose what design style they want us to carry out. We send out an estimator who sits down with the home owner, works out everything that needs to be modernized such as ventilation, and comes up with a price for the job.

If the customer is agreeable then the two parties sign a specially drawn-up contract and we schedule the work. In the case of an emergency then we will pencil the work in for the next one or two days.

In certain places it is necessary to pull permits for roof work and we will do all that on behalf of the client, taking some of the stress off their shoulders. City inspectors will two checks, the first to confirm that the roof has been installed, and the second to warranty the work.

Shingles are warranted for 20 years, then pro-rated for the lifetime of ownership. The manufacturer warranties the labor and material for 50 years.

So if you need the leading roofing contractor in the Chesapeake area, call Best Roofing of Virginia on (757) 932-2385 today.


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